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We are wildly passionate about delivering long-term income streams to our clients in retirement AND we want those income streams to be guaranteed for life!

Retirement Solutions

  • employer-sponsered-retirement-plans

    Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

    How are you feeling about your 401(k)? Would you survive an audit? As an employer, do you understand your fiduciary responsibilities and what is truly at risk? Your personal assets ARE at risk! Do your employees really understand their retirement plan benefits?

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  • wealth-management

    Wealth Building

    What happened to your portfolio last time the stock market had a “correction”? Were you stressed out? Were you up all night worrying? Did you have to delay your retirement plans? Are your retirement plans still in limbo?

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  • max-out-social-security

    Max Out Social Security

    Taking social security at the wrong time could cost you $100,000 or more in reduced income. People are living longer than they ever have, meaning the average person has more than 20 years of retirement ahead of them. Even when social security is combined with their current retirement savings, which typically do not have an inflation adjustment, people are running out of money!

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  • Is an Extra $1,000 per Month Possible?

    Can I really get an extra $1,000 per month in retirement? What would it take for me to reach my retirement lifestyle goals? How can I position my portfolio to better handle market volatility?

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  • own-banker

    Leverage Whole Life Like A Pro!

    Have you heard about the amazing power of Whole Life insurance? It can be used for so much more than merely providing a death benefit in the event of your passing, although that is important.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Find out what it will take to accomplish your goals. Retire on your own terms. Send your children to the best colleges. The Advisors at McCann Asset Management can develop a holistic financial plan that is custom made just for you and your life.

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Our 6-Step Process

We have a pattern to our thinking; a process that allows us to stop and think about the ramifications before we make a recommendation. Our strategic and powerful McCann Asset Management Six Step Process will provide you with your personalized financial strategy. It is our commitment to your future.

1 - Establish

Determines if our business model and method is a good fit with you and your needs.

2 - Evaluate

Helps you to clarify your goals and objectives and clearly communicate them to us.

3 - Optimize

Evaluates your current practices and progress towards achieving your goals & provides insight into best practices.

4 - Develop

We work with you to create a customized plan of action to help you meet your financial goals.

5 - Implement

We provide you with information, including disclosure of fees and risk, so you can be confident with the strategy.

6 - Keep

We monitor your investments, report progress and make suggestions on a periodic basis according to your needs.

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